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Air Conditioning: Common AC Problems Homeowners Face In The Summer

Homeowners in Nashville, TN rely heavily on their air conditioning in the summer. When it fails, or stops working properly, it can really be one hot, sweaty mess to deal with! Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to face more problems with their AC in the summer because you’re using it so much more this time of year. Knowing the problems you could be facing is helpful in taking steps to prevent them. Here are some of the most common AC problems homeowners face in the summer.

1. Clogged Air Filters

Air filters that aren’t cleaned regularly can eventually clog. When it gets clogged with pollutants such as dust, dirt, dander and debris, it causes your AC to work much harder to cool your home efficiently. Clogged air filters can lead to poor indoor air quality, high energy bills, uncomfortable temperatures, and possible overheating of your AC unit.

2. Dirty Outdoor Unit

Come summertime, a lot of people notice their AC not working as well and one reason for this could be that it’s dirty and needs to be cleaned. Over fall and winter, dirt and debris have likely accumulated around your unit. Items like branches, sticks, dirt, and leaves can all make a home in your outdoor unit and obstruct airflow. Clean your outdoor unit to improve airflow and prevent your system from overheating.

3. Insufficient Airflow

Have you ever turned on your air conditioner only to find it’s blowing out warm air? In the middle of summer, this is not what any homeowner wants to deal with. If your unit isn’t cooling your home, you could have a dirty air filter, low refrigerant levels, or a blocked condensate drain.

4. Low Refrigerant Levels

If you’re low on refrigerant, then it’s safe to say you probably have a leak. Your refrigerant levels should never change. Leaks can cause a lot of issues if not addressed. Not only can it decrease the efficiency of your system, but it can also cause serious health issues for you and your family. If you have low refrigerant levels, never attempt to fix the problem on your own. Instead, call a professional HVAC contractor right away.

5. It’s Not Working

A non-working AC unit is definitely an issue this time of year. Before panic sets in, make sure you’re checking the thermostat settings to make sure it’s on and set correctly. If that all looks good, you’ll want to check your circuit breaker next. If you’re unsure why your air conditioner isn’t working, call a professional for assistance.

6. Lack of Maintenance

An annual maintenance is recommended to keep your system operating efficiently. When your unit isn’t well-maintained, it won’t work as well as it should. Not only that, but you could find it also causes a shorter lifespan. To ensure your unit doesn’t run into problems when you need it the most this summer, schedule annual maintenance with your local HVAC provider.

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