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Looking for Nashville duct sealing service? Look no more! Temp Control has you covered. Did you know that nearly half of your energy bill is dedicated to heating and cooling your Nashville home and/or business? With so much money spent on keeping your property comfortable, it would be wise to make improvements to your HVAC system in order to reduce its energy consumption.

There are many ways to reduce your heating and cooling expenses, including an air conditioner tune-up, HVAC maintenance, HVAC replacement, or sealing the leaks in your ductwork!

Ductwork In Nashville

Benefits Of Duct Sealing

There are many benefits of hiring a professional for Nashville duct sealing service, including:

  • Saves You Money On Energy Bills
  • Makes Your System More Efficient
  • Improves Your Indoor Air Quality
  • Provides Consistent Temperatures

Did you know that about 95% of all homes have leaky ductwork? Ductwork that’s connecting to furnaces, indoor coils, outdoor package units, and floor and ceiling vents usually have unsealed openings that lose up to 20% of conditioned air. If leaking ductwork is ignored, your Nashville HVAC unit will never be able to heat and cool to its full potential. Not to mention, the amount of wasted energy you’ll start to notice as a result is pretty significant. 

Regardless of the age of your Nashville HVAC system, you may benefit from duct sealing if:

  • You have High Summer and Winter Utility Bills
  • You have Rooms that are Difficult to Heat and Cool
  • You have Stuffy Rooms that Never Seem to Feel Comfortable
  • Your Ducts are Located in an Attic, Crawlspace, or the Garage
  • You Find Tangled or Kinked Flexible Ducts in Your System

Temp Control is dedicated to providing homeowners and small business owners in the Nashville area with personalized home comfort solutions. As a family-owned and operated Nashville HVAC company, we take pride in our work and only offer quality services and products. We have been serving the Nashville area since 2004, and we are a fully licensed and insured HVAC contractor.

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