Signs you Need a New Air Conditioner in Nashville

The Tennessee summers can be tough on everyone, but at least with air conditioning, you’ll catch a break. But if that air conditioning unit ever breaks, do you know if you’d need to replace it? In Nashville, we put our ACs through a serious workout, combatting hot temperatures throughout the year. With regular maintenance, 15-20 years is the average lifespan of most air conditioning units, and you will start noticing growing problems a few months or even years before it’s time to schedule your air conditioning replacement.

How do you know when you need a new air conditioner? In the Nashville heat and humidity, it’s important to notice the signs early before your AC goes out in the middle of a hot day when you need it most.

A/C Unit is Well Past Its Expiration Date

Many of the neighborhoods in Nashville have homes that were built (and last updated) more than 20 years ago. Many of these homes have their original AC units still attached, potentially past their prime. “Expired” air conditioners tend to use a lot more electricity than they need to because they are pushing power through aging wires into old and possibly half-broken components. You may be losing both cooling and electric efficiency, facing an increasing pace of repairs, strange noises, musty smells, and/or unreliable behavior.

Most air conditioning systems have a sticker indicating a date. If yours has a date from more than five years ago, it’s time to start planning for your air conditioning replacement.

Energy Bill Has Increased

As an AC ages, it uses more electricity. As it starts to fail, that power bill can jump up unexpectedly, especially as summer heats up. The longer an air conditioner runs, the more electricity it typically takes to keep running.

If your energy bill has increased noticeably from one summer to the next, there’s a good chance that your aging AC is the culprit. Most energy companies will help you track your power usage yearly using same-month power comparisons.

Calling the Technician Regularly

After about 5 years, it’s not unusual to need the occasional AC repair. However, your need for AC repairs will increase as all the essential parts age. When you’re regularly calling the HVAC technician to get your air blowing, cooling, or even just turning on, it means that a complete system failure is not too far in the future. Rather than paying more and more for repairs – eventually for a repair that will cost more than 1/2 the expense of a new unit, schedule your upgrade while the old AC is still on its last legs.

Bad Airflow or Poor Conditioning

Even if you’re not constantly calling for repair, if your AC just can’t keep the home comfortable anymore, that’s a bad sign. If inspections, cleanings, tune-ups, and repairs still leave your home with poor airflow and not-cold-enough air, your family’s comfort and even summertime safety could rely on replacing that old air conditioner before it stops cooling entirely in the middle of a sweltering summer.

Beat the Heat in Nashville with a New Air Conditioner from Temp Control

Your family deserves an efficient air conditioner’s safety, comfort, and affordable energy bills. While it’s normal to let your old AC chug along until it fails, knowing the signs can help you plan ahead and schedule an air conditioning replacement before leaving you in an AC emergency.

Temp Control is dedicated to ensuring every Nashville family is living comfortably, and we are ready to help you with the air conditioning installation that your home needs. Contact us today for a consultation. We’ll gladly inspect your current AC, help you choose a new, energy-efficient unit that fits your house perfectly, and take care of the replacement process.

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Image Credit: Magsi/ Shutterstock