If you hear spooky sounds coming from your furnace, it’s likely not a monster, a goblin, or a ghost. However, they still shouldn’t be ignored no matter how small or big the noises appear to be. Otherwise, you could find yourself in your very own horror story. Here are some reasons your furnace might be making spooky noises.

1. Banging

If you hear a banging sound when your furnace first turns on, this could mean you have dirty burners that have lead to a delay in ignition. This is because dirt has prevented the burners from igniting the gas quickly. A lot of times, this just means you need to have your furnace repaired by a professional to fix the issue.

2. Squealing

Does the noise you’re hearing sound like squealing? This is likely an indication that there’s a problem with the blower motor that needs inspected. It could mean you have a bad belt or issues with the motor bearing. You will want to replace belts before they break, or your blower won’t turn on and you could find yourself without heat. What a nightmare to have to deal with this time of year!

3. Screaming

A screaming furnace? That’s about as terrifying as it sounds. This could mean you have a coolant leak, which is a pretty serious issue that you shouldn’t ignore for too long. Make sure you shut off your unit and contact an HVAC professional right away if your furnace is screaming at you.

4. Rattling

Rattling noises could indicate a small issue or a big issue – so it’s best to have it looked at by a professional regardless. Sometimes, rocks, sticks, and other debris fall inside our HVAC units and cause a rattling sound as they get banged around. Another thing that could cause rattling is loose screws and hardware. Luckily, those are pretty easy fixes. However, a rattling sound could also mean you have a cracked heat exchanger – which is a pretty serious issue. A cracked heat exchanger could lead to a dangerous carbon monoxide leak if not addressed right away.

5. Clicking

Last but not least, if you hear a clicking sound, it usually means there’s a problem with the ignition or gas valve. For one, a broken or clogged gas valve could prevent gas from being let out, causing the ignitor to click endlessly. Secondly, the ignitor flame could run too cold to burn the oil or gas like it should, causing it to click for several minutes. Whether you have a gas leak or a faulty furnace, you should have your furnace checked by a professional right away.

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